Keep your Sight! is a free public service website that helps you monitor your vision between routine visits to your eye doctor. There is never a charge for using this site.
The site is founded by Mark Roser, an macular degeneration patient who was frustrated by the lack of quality self-monitoring tools. The KeepSight tools give better results than traditional Amsler Grid self-tests by:
• Easier to detect the onset of new retina problems such as Wet AMD
• Easier to detect a change from Dry AMD to Wet AMD
• Taking the guesswork out vision testing
• Helping you alert your eye doctor much earlier in the event that you need help
The most aggressive forms of AMD (the Wet type) are now treatable, but early detection is critically important.  helps you detect change as early as possible. If you detect a change, it means that you should contact your eye care professional to discuss what to do next.
There is no charge for, and we will not ask for private information. We encourage you to become a Registered User today, and  please share your feedback so that we may make this site as best possible.